The Great Point Platform – Great Point’s team of professionals provides advisory, accounting, legal and other incubation, and early-stage support services, including strategic, business development, entity formation, M&A advisory, and CEO/CFO level management for start-up, early-stage, and middle-market businesses.  Great Point’s philosophy is that entrepreneurs should be able to focus on what they do best, pursue their vision.  The growth of start-up and early-stage ventures is all too often stymied by the often overwhelming tasks associated with starting and growing a business.  Great Point has developed a network of professionals, both internal and external, that provides its portfolio companies a platform for success.  In addition to administrative, legal, and management cost-sharing, this network provides entrepreneurs unique access to individuals and companies that can accelerate the launch or the go-to-market strategy of a product or service, including buyers, resellers, strategic partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures with larger, more established players in an industry.
Direct Investment – Great Point is an active investor in seed and early-stage investments across all industry sectors. Great Point also leverages its network to pursue co-investment opportunities from its relationship investor group, typically structured as investments through special purpose vehicles for each portfolio company.
Great Point is a highly effective and active partner.  We bring expertise and resources normally not available to start-ups and early-stage companies and we assist our entrepreneur partners in achieving their vision of building successful and profitable companies.
  • Seed and Early Stage Investing
  • Capital Raising
  • Strategic and Business Development
  • M&A Advisory
  • CEO/CFO Level Management
Please feel free to contact us regarding a business or acquisition opportunity, financing, our services or any of our portfolio companies at (732) 982-5132 or [email protected].